Law practice witchcraft in Society

As we all know, Indonesia is a country made up of thousands of islands. Moreover, Indonesia is an agricultural country where people rely on their livelihood on agriculture and farming. Such a condition makes the majority of Indonesian people living in rural areas with a lot of livelihoods as farmers, ranchers, traders, workers, fishermen and others who do not require special skills and higher education. Differences livelihood, influenced by the state of nature and society which are territorial and geographical location differentiate from region to region. For the man in achieving the necessities of life and its purpose must make the interaction between communities with other communities.
Humans are social creatures, in order to meet the needs of both primary needs, secondary needs, as well as the need tersiser was in him then the man should be willing to enter the world of relationships in life are unavoidable, association or interaction between one human to other human beings with different reasons and motives are more complex and full of uniqueness. Intercourse man who was in the midst of society, have had a certain impact on the man himself. Impact caused by the interaction between humans it could be a positive impact and can be a form of negative.
In a milieu that is good and conducive, humans can develop good personality, guided and directed in accordance with a clean conscience. Supportive environments like this make the healthy human both in terms of physical and in terms of spiritual, so that the level of skills and social intelligence has, man will be able to solve all the problems often encountered in life Intercourse good is the association that still heed the boundaries of socially permitted by legal norms and norms according to religious teachings to be true. Instead, the milieu is "unhealthy" can also bring someone to the personal development of deviant. Deviant personality can be identified with deviant behavior and not in accordance with legal norms or customs applicable in the midst of society. Deviant personality like this, it is not uncommon in the end leads a person to be at the point of humility and humiliation of life.
Free association, "independent" uncontrolled and often give birth to members of the public are indifferent and unconcerned about the social environment and society.

Indifference will give birth to personalities who constantly abuses, both violations
 of the social norms, religious norms, and legal norms. Such persons are not rarely 
perform actions damaging and unlawful either terang¬terangan or covertly as robbery, 
theft, rape, and other forms of social ills of society. In the "hidden", 
could be using black magic as gendam, witchcraft, santed.magic and 
other things that are magical. The latter case, it is common knowledge among
 the people of Indonesia in general, and the public. in particular. That the mystical 
life is considered to be the most beneficial for a person or group of people that can 
be used to hurt, Torture, destroy and / or destroy keharmonisasian on those perceived 
as enemies. The pattern of life of the mystical and negatives using this magic media
 in the community known as "witchcraft". .magic person uses in order to find and keep
 a personal satisfaction with basic envious, jealous and envious for a specific purpose
 (office or position, mancari husband / wife even to harm or destroy people). 
Situation or phenomenon, still frequently encountered in public life. So it is not rare 
to find their victims who were abused so that limbs become disabled, or even die as a 
result of the act of artisan witchcraft or witches.
Things like the one pictured above is the real thing. However, to date the perpetrators 
"penyantetan" (artisan .magic) never to drag the culprit entered the judiciary. 
Because there are clear rules to punish someone if suspected of committing a crime. 
Berlakulah court so people who did not fit with the spirit in Indonesia, 
namely the rule of law and make law as a commander.
 It is not easy to make the criminal law,
 as it covers three aspects of human life, human as an individual 
(we must respect the rights of man), man as a social being 
(how humans interact with each other) and humans as culture 
(which produce cultural works which should be protected by law).
 Professor Muladi once remarked that in penalize or criminalize must be very attentive
 to the requirements of its many and limitedly. This is because the nature of criminal law 
is ultimum Remedlum. It should be recognized that the draft Criminal Code are 
now stripped processes to articulate the reality of non-legal disciplines (social, economic, 
and political, for example) in the formulation. In fact, the factual process 
of democratic transition in Indonesia has not fully guarantee the protection
 of the public interest in a fair and proper. Therefore, reform of the Criminal 
Code should touch the realm of social and political reality of Indonesia that
 the bargaining position of the people (society) are not strong enough 
in the presence of other actors such as the officials and the private sector 
(including corporations). So dislnllah role of law enforcement officials
 (pollsi, prosecutors, and judges) to hold a judicial process with -seharusnya- 
not rely on formal law, but also rely on the law of non-formal community
 based on tradition with actors .magic resolve issues that meet taste justice in society. 
Therefore, the problem of demarcation with juridical aspect attracted me to study 
so that it can give an opinion to law enforcement in solving problems of demarcation in . 
Although researchers are aware that the issue is extremely complicated, 
because the elements that must be met in a judicial process difficult to reach 
(the perpetrators, witnesses, and their evidence). 
Due to the magical realm difficult to prove scientifically and logically.
Characteristics and Motivation .magic
Based on interviews with artisan witchcraft and from multiple sources, 
it can be seen that witchcraft is already a social fact. 
This means that witchcraft has been living and growing among certain communities. -
diberbagai Place- though there are differences in the naming of our term. 
However, in essence .magic job motivation and purpose. Similarly, 
both the perpetrators and the work of witchcraft witchcraft have certain characteristics.
 In accordance with the geographical situation and the structure of society, 
there is no doubt there is a difference in the characteristics between the actors .
magic in some areas, and how his work different from each other. 
Characteristics of artisan .magic or perpetrators of witchcraft and witchcraft jobs that 
will be raised is the case that live and thrive in the region, especially in East Java. 
and  Based on the results of interviews with several sources and according to 
the results of research conducted over the years. In general, the perpetrator .
magic or artisan .magic has the following characteristics :
1. The perpetrator witchcraft being arrogant and disliked by members of the public
 in the surrounding neighborhood.
2. Actors .magic average only low levels of education, elementary school, 
some communities or are illiterate.
3. The perpetrator .magic studying ways melakukuan demarcation of a teacher.
 Only a small portion who inherited from their ancestors, in other words, .
magic mostly learned from a young age and few were inherited from their ancestors.
4. Although not a primary profession, tetapl .magic actors receive remuneration
 for performing their duties. Usually the main job as a farmer.
5. Actors .magic in performing its duties most behest of others, 
and very few are doing it just for personal interest.
6. Some actors .magic elderly.
7. The perpetrator or artisan .magic residing away from the city.
Tools .magic
Characteristics of demarcation work is generally done through an intermediary tool or 
means of the form of objects as symbols. A tool that is used in the form of different-different.
 The objects are to one another in accordance with the purpose intended 
by those who tell do peneluhan. The following will put forward some means or tools used
 in the practice of witchcraft job.
1. The first tool is called puputiran, in the form of dolls made of straw. 
Dolls represented as victims or targets against whom it would be directed witchcraft.
2. The second tool consists of a basin of water and a knife. The second tool is intended 
to make the victim or target die, by means of a knife or scissors to doll tad! and plunged
 the knife into a basin of water. If the water turns red means work successfully with proper 
demarcation of the target.
3. The third tool is called memerangan that dipergunankan with the same goal with the
 first tool and the second tool dlatas. However, with this tool terleblh first victim will feel 
itching in his limbs.
4. The fourth tool commonly referred to as a complementary tool in the form of needles, 
nails or spoon. Intended use The fourth tool is to make the victim suffer before the victim
 eventually died because psnderitaannya.
Various .magic
Along with the use of the tools mentioned above, there are three types of instructions
 obtained demarcation in accordance with customer demand and its purpose. 
The third kind of witchcraft that is:
1. .magic wrejit, which is a kind of witchcraft most virulent because of this demarcation
 victims experience vomiting fresh blood and usually within a short time the victim will die.
2. .magic ganggong, ie a kind of witchcraft that resulted in the victim will suffer
 in one part of the body continuously until the victim die if not given the antidote.
3. .magic distended, which is a kind of witchcraft that can be deadly economic enterprises. 
By way mananam bottle containing the soil comes from the grave. 
Usually placed on businesses around the yard or residence someone who would 
be a prey to witchcraft.
Based on the characteristics of the demarcation work-both in terms of the tools used and 
the kinds of witchcraft and the consequences ditimbulkan- as described above,
 it can be concluded that the purpose of using witchcraft is to make the victim abused
 during her lifetime and it is possible that ended with the death of the victim. In general,
 the motivation of the works of witchcraft are vengeful or unfair business 
competition between the .magic told to do work with victims of witchcraft.

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