Reality law in Indonesia earlier Currently, Indonesia is a country of law Its Always give priority to the law as a whole ACTIVITIES gatra Platform hearts and society. Indonesia's commitment as a matter of law state otherwise Operates Always And Only hearts written article 1 paragraph 3 of the 1945 amendments to the findings. Wherever Also, A State wants to have the State of Law Enforcement and legal penegak- A fair and firm and not the selective logging. NO A sabotage, discrimination and privilege hearts handle EACH CASE Both Criminal and Civil law. Such term in differences, 'Move Down Blunt Taper above' that term is Right for review describes Condition law enforcement in Indonesia. Do kita ALL feel? What We Can See it in reality? I am sure you must have whole society Indonesia Also Viewed reality thing.

Legal conditions in Indonesia are currently Singer MORE Often Reaping criticism than praise. Different Criticism directed Good As it relates WITH law enforcement, legal awareness, QUALITY law, vagueness different law relates WITH process berlangsungya Law and Also weak implementation of different Regulations. Criticism so often leveled related WITH enforcement in Indonesia. Most societies would kita Talk that the law in Indonesia ITU can be bought, Yang has a position, in the name of Dan Power, Got Money Many Definitely Safety Rules While Impaired gatra law violated. There is recognition in the 'community that the law can be Purchased BECAUSE So NOT Law enforcement officials can be expected to review the conduct of law enforcement Operates Whole And fair. As far as the singers, the law does NOT Just run as mere routine but mostly Also mocked as Merchandise. Laws That Should Be tools Renewal Society, has Transformed into a kind of killer machines BECAUSE driven by hukumyangmorat Irish-skelter,

The practice of fraud in the process of law enforcement, such as the law on the judicial mafia, discriminatory judicial or judicial process engineering a reality that is easily found in law enforcement in this country. Ordinary people who are caught committing petty thefts, such as minors brother Hamdani who 'steal' flip-flops hole-owned company where he worked in Tangerang, Minah who took three grains of cacao in Purbalingga, and Kholil and Basari in Kediri who stole two watermelon seed immediately arrested and punished as heavy. While a state official corrupt state billions of rupiah can freely roam freely. Unlike the cases of law with suspects and accused persons have kekusaan, position and name. The legal process run so convoluted and impressed delay-nuda. As if the community has always presented a play of figures that State. No decision is so real. For example, at the case of Gayus Tambunan, an employee of the Directorate General of Taxation Group III became miliyader impromptu estimated corruption amounting to 28 billion, but only subject to 6 years in prison, the case of Bank Century and is still warm to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK), Akhil Mochtar was arrested in Operation Capture Hand. In operation, the Commission has seized the Singapore dollar money worth Rp 3 billion, which showed the nation's law enforcement in Indonesia in a state of alert, nearly all of the above cases, the process has yet to reach a clear decision. Though all of these cases are so detrimental to the state and our society. When does it all end?

Conditions were so bad as it would be very big influence on the health and strength 
of democracy in Indonesia. Mental broken the law enforcers who trade law was 
tantamount to injure justice. Destructive justice or acting unfairly is certainly a rash 
action against will of the people. In certain circumstances, when justice is continually
 avoided it is not impossible defense and security of the nation is at stake. Injustice will 
trigger a wide range of natural actions such insurgencies can be realized in various acts
 of anarchy or violence is counter-productive to the development of the nation.
In other words, situations of injustice or failure to deliver justice through the law into 
one point problem that must be addressed and the state should have a blue or blue 
print paper to realize what this nation's founders envisioned aspired. However menta 
and morally corrupt that damage and neglect or disrespect of the legal system and
 the legal objectives of the Indonesian nation has a legal order that is good, according 
to the author, as an illustration that law enforcement is the character or identity 
of Indonesia match what is contained in contents of Pancasila and the 1945 
Constitution Preamble .with situations and conditions like the present norms and 
rules that have been bergerasar to the sense of egoism and individual without regard
 for others and this value will increase the action of anarchism injustice, violence that 
are clearly not in line with the character full nation has the principle of deliberation 
as terkadung and implied in Pancasila contents.
Arise State Law Enforcement ku INDONESIA because we are children of the nation INDONESIA Foreign Our Love and Our READY fight against Pengakkan colonization New Model Law.
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